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My avatar.

  1. I've noticed that peoples' avatars show up if you click one of your tags and find other blogs with related tags. I have done anything different with mine lately, but I notice when I'm browsing blogs with tags listed just like mine, I come across mine and my avatar isn't showing. Anyone know how I can fix this? It was doing it up until my most recent post.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just uploaded an avatar as well, mine is not showing either.

  3. Just wait, it will eventually appear.

  4. If you've changed something recently something you may want to try is clearing your Internet "Cache", in Firefox this is under Tools and "Clear Private Data". I think in Windows it's Tools and Options. Now reload... sometimes it just takes a bit of time.

    marinarey, I just clicked on your "Friendship" tag and your avatar is definitely there. Hope this means everything's better.

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