Where is my avatar?

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    I subscribe to two pages on here and my avatar (gravatar) doesn’t show up when I comment. I’ve resized it, clicked the option for it show up on the site and still nothing. I’ve even waited a few days so that the changes can take place. Same thing. When I comment a generic picture shows up that’s provided by the website as if I don’t have a gravatar.

    There’s another page on here that I just realized that I don’t subscribe to but yet my gravatar shows up when I comment on that one. When I comment on this page my gravatar is next to the words “you’re commenting using your WordPress account”

    The only time I see my gravatar is at the top next to the words “my account”.

    How can I fix this?
    Blog url: http://blessednbabbling.wordpress.com/


    I noticed that your Gravatar is set to have a PG rating. It may be that the sites you’re commenting on have only allowed G rated Gravatars.

    If you add a new image that is G rated you should see it when commenting. If not, just let us know. Thanks!

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