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My Avatar Disapeared

  1. For some reason the Avatar I added disapeared. Can you help me. I don't see why it would be on and than disapear.


  2. Why don't you do a search for "Avatar" and you'll probably find your answer. Maybe it's because you're looking for the avatar that belongs to the OTHER identity?

  3. Well I uploaded my avatar and it was on. For some reason it disapeared. I hope to have my account (Watex) by tomorrow.


  4. Sometimes it takes a few hours for an avatar to show up as it has to make it through the system. If server loads are high or the internet is busy or plugged up it can take a while.

  5. Same for me. Uploaded avatar 2 days ago. It was shown then it disapeared, can't make it visible anymore. It seems to me that the backend databases are out of sync some times. I get inconsistent category listings attached to the entries, message text disappears from the drafts. But hey I do not complain too much. It's free :)

    BYTW I am a WPMU developer myself and have hosted some instances but not at this scale :)

  6. was subject to a DNS attack earlier today, and that might be related. In any case, I can see your avatar just fine right now.

  7. test

  8. testing as well, my avatar is not showing up after upload.

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