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My Avatar Isn't Working

  1. checking to see if my avatar is working. Completed uploading, looks like it took, and posting to see what appears, if anything.

  2. Welcome to wordpress. Here's a link to a Beginner's Guide that you will find useful

    The correct link for avatar testing is provided several times in this thread. It's here
    And as you can see your avatar is displaying fine. :)

  3. ****FOR THE THIRD TIME****

    please use this thread: for testing your avatar

    TT: i know you mention it, too, but i'm annoyed. ;-)

  4. Now, now judy - don't let this silliness get to you and mar your day. We volunteers are noted for our patient and long suffering attitudes, right? ... lol :D

  5. hahahahahahahahahaha :D

  6. My avatar won't show up on my site - help!

  7. @upsidedowncrown
    Please always read the information in the threads that you posted into.
    Please also post the url for your blog when you post to the forum. avatars

  8. this avatar thing's making me yoko

  9. @ghostsorchid
    I see you avatar fine here. After uploading an avatar, it may take an hour or so before it gets all the way through the system.

  10. @ghostsorchid
    Apparently you didn't read the other posts in this thread.That's too bad because if you had you would not have been frustrated at all. There is a time delay before avatars display. Also because you didn't read the posts in the thread you ended up posting inappropriately here. The correct place to test avatars is in this thread
    I see your avatar now so happy blogging. :)

  11. Hi, I uploaded my avatar 3 days ago. It is not showing in my blog ( ). It does show in the threads outside my blog. The box to "show avatar" is on. I can't understand what is going on. It is way more than just a few hours. Hope someone can help.


  12. I can see your avatar here very clearly. Do note that avatar display is not "retroactive" and that Avatars do not display on posts. The key thing is that you must be signed in to in order for your avatar to appear
    (1) on the comments you make on your own blog
    (2) on other blogs
    (3) on the global tag pages
    (4) on your forum posts.
    I hope this helps. Happy blogging. :)

  13. Checking my avatar too...

  14. Hi Bloggers
    Please read the threads you post into. This is not the correct thread to test your avatar in.
    This one is: for testing your avatar

  15. This just bugs me. WHY wouldn't it say under your profile next to the upload button that the avatar should be 128x128 pixels? I messed with this quite a while and for a long time I could only get my avatar to show up in my dashboard. Finally found the obscure info that it needs to be 128x128. I think that should be right next to the upload button in your profile.

    Also, there should definitely be an option for your avatar to show up next to your posts. Doesn't make any sense to me at all why this wouldn't be an option.

  16. The first place to look for information is always the FAQs and there is where we find the avatar size clearly stated

    As far as having a whole list of little avatars on my posts I sure hope that never comes to pass. And, if it does, I hope it's optional because I will not use it.

  17. If you would like to share your opinions with staff then weekdays between 9-5 PM Pacific time you can do that using the "support" link on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page. Or you can use this link
    HTH :)

  18. As an option, if you would like your avatar to appear in your posts, you can upload a copy and then manually insert it into your posts.

    {waving to TT}

  19. {waving to thesacredpath}
    Thanks for providing that obvious way of achieving this. :-)

  20. You're welcome. Not an automated solution, but not that much work for the blogger.

  21. wow lol

  22. @ka432
    Welcome to You have posted to technical support forum. Do you have a question that we can help you with?

  23. My avatar disappeared at some point today. I've re-uploaded it several times, same picture, and it disappears over and over.

  24. @clowr
    I see it here right now. It does appear that there are some avatar problems the last couple days. I would suggest contacting staff at .

  25. problem with avatar as well! it's interesting, because when I log in for worpress I can easily see my avatar attached under "welcome takeda". also, I would need to know how could I ensure a hyperlink to my name... 10q~

  26. @takeda
    I see your avatar fine here and I suspect some updating is going on with wordpress and things will settle down.

    You have two profiles here, your forum profile which is linked to your blog already and your blog account profile. While logged in, go to your profile (upper right hand corner) and then in the field labeled "website" enter the URL of your blog and then click the "update profile" button.

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