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    When my wife add’s a comment to my blog, even though she is not logged in as me, obviously, my avatar is in the latest comments next to her name. I am presuming this is something to do with the IP address, and a minor glitch, I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem?

    Thanks for looking into this once times allows.



    I would have thought that this should only happen if your wife is signed in on your account, but that would seem to not be the case. Are you sure she hasn’t secretlt been masquerading as you? :-)

    Can anyone else offer any more insight?



    What email address does she use when she leaves a comment? Is that the same as yours?


    Do you two happen to have two blogs on the same user account? Perhaps one is your wife’s and one is yours?



    wolfieb: Nope, if you look on my blog you will see her name, Alison – if you hover over her name it is not linked (solid as any guest can comment). ;)

    carocat: She has used two mail addies, one a hotmail account and the other is the one we use. She used the same addie before and the usual grey person avatar came up, this is only recently begun to happen. Even if she used the same addie – she was not signed on as me so the wordpress avatar should not have linked my avatar to her post. :)

    thesacredpath: Nope – there is only one blog on my account. I have set her up with her own blog to see if that will help in the future. Whether she blogs or not I am not sure – I am just trying to rectify this problem.


    OK, when you comment on a blog, a cookie is put onto your computer and if you go to the same blog again, it will recognize you and automatically fill in your name and email for you. That is what’s happening. She needs to change the name and email when she comments on a blog.



    Thanks, but there is one slight problem with what you have said – cookies are obliterated by Firefox once the browser is closed. I hate cookies with a passion. I have passwords saved, so the browser does the work with passwords but mail addies are not saved.

    To save you a bit of time in scratching your head, and not wanting to sound factious, I am a network tech thinghy-me-bob, so I have done the routine clear cashe, cookies, history etc. As I say, I don’t know if other people will have this problem, which isn’t really a big problem at all – just an observed annoyance. It looks to be a problem on wordpresses end, but I am willing to be corrected.

    This didn’t happen before – it really is as recent as her last two comments on my blog – what happened in the mean time I am not really that sure. :)


    Well whether it is by cookies, or whatever, the fact is that if you comment on a blog once, the next time you go to comment, your name, email address and website – if you entered one – will be filled in for you, at least on and self-hosted blogs using wordpress.

    My blog, whether I’m logged in or logged out (on both my self-hosted and my .com blogs), has always filled in my name, email address and website information for me. If I go to my blog from my other computer, which I have never used to comment on my blog, nothing is filled in.

    I have two blogspot blogs I comment on regularly as well, and both of those fill in the information for me as well and I don’t have an account there.

    As long as I have been at wordpress, it has always filled it in for me on my blog and on others.


    You know, the one thing I wonder about is that with Automattic buying Gravatar, if the fact that your avatar is showing up on your wife’s comments isn’t possibly tied to that? Avatars were or are or have been tied to usernames where as gravatars are tied to email addresses and now that gravatars are recognized here. Does your wife have her own email address that she uses or do you have one you use jointly?


    The only other thing that I can think of is that when a comment is made on a blog, the IP address of the commenter is recorded.



    Your e-mail and etc are probably filled in because you have the automatic form checked to remember what you have surfed, entered in forms – example is Google, when you start to type in the search box some text may or may not come up, same with the address bar – the browser remembers what you have typed before. I have all that turned off by default.

    I do think you are correct about the gravatars and the IP. Maybe wordpress should look into this as it is another person commenting and not someone logged into your account – which can be both confusing and worrying for some.

    I have set her up with a wordpress blog and I will get her to test that and see what happens – thanks for trying to help though.


    Actually I have the auto form fill feature turned off.


    And you’re welcome by the way.

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