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My avatar still the wordpress avatar..

  1. I had tried so many times to change my profile avatar but it seems like it is not being updated. Even though at the upload section successfully being updated but when I add "Gravatar" as one of my widget, still the old/same pic were displayed... Is there something missing??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. While logged into wordpress, go directly to click on "my account" and then click on "add an image" and upload your image there.

  3. Nothing changed... I tried already... Is there any other way?

  4. How long did you wait? It took 2 days for my change made through the gravatar site to populate throughout.

  5. It can take anywhere from an hour to several for it to show up.

    If you go to users > your profile in your dashboard, is your gravatar showing there?

  6. timethief: I've waited for 2 days now..
    thesacredpath: My gravatar at my profile already shown the pic that i want to display.. but not at my widgets... Is it normal?

  7. I have the same issues :)
    And need it for a comp today :)

  8. its in the profile but on the sidebard
    will have to remove it i think such a shame :)

  9. Don't do that. As stated above, it takes a few hours to show up everywhere.

  10. Ive got exacly the same prolem, when i save it, it doesent apear on my blog, and i wait a long time, the widget your looking at next to my comment, doent appear on my blog.

  11. I have the same problem! Why won't it change?? It's been WEEKS.

  12. same issue as well. 4 business days

  13. Same issue... I've changed the picture something like 10 days now.. In my profile page gravatar shows the new picture but in my widget still appears the old picture.

  14. yeah mine too.. shows something like the zaralyn member style of avatar.. :(

  15. true, I tried to change my site name yet it is not done after tried 1 or 2 times, I give up and now does enjoy my original site options.

  16. avatar test!

  17. :(

  18. Don't use this Issue Reporting thread to test your avatar. There's a huge Test Your Avatar Here thread in the Off-Topic forum.

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