My avatar won’t crop!

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    When I attempt to crop my avatar the srop box appears at the top of the page and I can’t click ‘crop image’. I saw a topic on this already but it hadn’t helped me.
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    I had this same problem recently and no matter what I did, it didn’t work. So bascially, I changed my design to something else, made my image 128px by 128px, uploaded it through the Users, Profile section and it worked. The crop box appeared right over the avatar image instead of at the top of the page like it had been. You could try that and see what happens.



    It’s a very strange, glitchy process. Try dragging the avatar, try clicking around, try all kinds of things. It’s just a weird, random bug.



    You could use free photo editing software
    like “Gimp” and crop your avatar 100 x 100
    save to your pictures and upload the avatar
    to your profile here on wordpress…

    You’ll find a link in this article to download gimp
    if you would like to use gimp… =)
    Gimp Photo Editor « Teck~Line

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