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My Bipolar Journey: Learning About Advocacy

  1. Hi, I am songtothesirens! I have another name, but this is what I post under. My primary blog is about Bipolar Illness in general, but also covers advocacy, links to various mental health resources and forums, some clinical information, and a lot of experience. It is my belief that if we, as a society, were to be able to talk about mental health, we would be so much better off as a "civilization." As it is when people do discuss mental health issues, they use euphemisms, they use labels that bring up some very negative images of the mentally ill.

    What we as a society need to do to end a good deal of the stigmatizm of being diagnosed with a mental illness is to have open and respectful dialogue about what the illness means to the person who has it, the people around that person, and the public at large. It is only through talking about it and discussing our feelings about it that we will learn anything. Inaction hasn't ever gotten anyone anywhere least of all to a position of acceptance and understanding.

    I feel very strongly that people with mental illness should talk about it with people, write a blog devoted to it; anything to get the dialogue going so that we as a society can create new ways of discussing and managing mental illness in this country.

    Thanks for reading the "rant". I have a tendency to go off some times. I have Bipolar I with Psychotic Features. I am stable now, but I was not for many years, and it just makes me so upset with society that they can accept that someone is diabetic and just let it roll off of them, but when confronted with the specter of mental illness, all of a sudden, the mentally ill party get labeled into a neat little box that society can control.

    Okay I am done now. Please visit my blog: A Bipolar Journey Through The Rabbit Hole

    The blog I need help with is

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