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My Blavatar isn't showing up where it should

  1. Hello,

    My Blavatar is not showing up next to things like "Home Page" in my Top Posts widget. It also does not appear in the Reader when I write a new post. Instead, the circle shows my Gravatar. I want it to show my Blavatar and that is what it was showing up until a few weeks ago. I know my Blavatar is uploaded correctly. It appears correctly in the top left corner of my screen and in other places. What should I do to fix this?

    Frustrated blogger,
    Tracy Pease

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see your orange circular blavatar right next to the blog URL exactly where it's supposed to appear. Please try clearing your browser cache

  3. I'm not sure where you're talking about. But, it doesn't show up in the reader when I post something like it used to and it doesn't show up in the list of Top Pages and Posts next to my home page like it used to.

  4. anotheronewiththecancer

    I changed my email address two days ago and my blavatar also disappeared, on other blogs where I commented PRIOR to the email change, and on the upper right corner of my own blog. I made not other changes, just my email address..and that took a couple of tries for that to go through. I since took it away and reloaded. At the end of the process it said my blavatar should be seen around the blog soon, but it has not.
    my blog is

  5. See here please:
    You can upload a Blavatar by visiting Settings → General in your blog’s dashboard.
    Dashboard > Users > My profile and click on the link to Change your Gravatar.

    Note: Gravatar images are cached and frequently take several days to display after a change. The first place they tend to display is here in the forums. Don't keep uploading or the time for displaying move forward. If several days have passed and that change is not in evidence then post here for Gravatar support >

  6. thistimethisspace

    I tagged this thread for Staff attention re: gravatar not displaying in Reader.

  7. Thank you!

  8. The Reader actually displays the Gravatar of the post's author.

    It hasn't displayed the Blavatar in the stream for quite some time, but can still see the Blavatar at!/read/edit/

  9. Thank you, I understand now that it was a change on WordPress' part, but I don't like it very much. Not that that really matters to all of you. I'll just move on and accept the change and decide if I'm going to get rid of my Gravatar picture and change it to my Blavatar. Only think I guess I can do. It hasn't been quite some time though. 2-3 months at most. When I got my business cards made and she designed something for my Blavatar to show in that space, it was only a few months ago and the Blavatar showed there then.

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