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  1. Hello.I'm new to blogging and hope to create a blog that helps a lot of people with the things they are too scared to talk to other people about.I just cant seem to find a free theme that looks that professional and don't know if I should get the CSS upgrade.Does anyone have it? Does it make that much of a difference?What do you think of my blog now? What should I change?Sorry bout all the questions! Id like some input.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please fix up the punctuation and spacing on your "About" page - did you import the text from somewhere else?

    Otherwise your blog looks nice! :)

    I don't tknow anything about the CSS upgrade, so I can't help you there.

  3. Blog looks pretty good from where we are standing.

    The CSS upgrade helps if you want to make some tweeks to a pre-existing theme.

    CSS Wiz does a good job of explaining much of the CSS upgrade on their blog so you should look at that before deciding anything.

    Otherwise, come on by and visit "The Daily Segway", a blog devoted to laughter and humour where we stay serious about satire. Subscribe and visit regularly to keep up with our content.

    Best of luck.

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