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"my Blog"

  1. occupationalhazard

    I would like to remove the cheesy "my blog" title in the header of my page. Using the "structure" template (which is great, I just want the text out)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help you without a link to the blog in question, starting with http.

  3. We can't help you without a link to the blog in question, starting with http.

  4. We can't help you without a link to the blog in question, starting with http.

  5. occupationalhazard

    sorry about that

  6. Apparently that is the title assigned to your blog when you signed up. If you want to change it, go to Dashboard>Settings>General

    Here's how I found the answer

  7. @occupationalhazard
    You are using Structure and it's a theme that has unusual features. You will benefit from reading this article on the theme >
    The way I found that article link was to search forum threads by using the tag for that theme >

  8. occupationalhazard

    thank you for your assistance. I think it is just a part of the header. I don't want any text in the header. I will just change themes.

  9. Hm, I've just noticed that you've posted this in the CSS Customization forum. Do you have the Custom Design upgrade?

  10. Some themes allow you to hide the actual blog title and tagline by providing a “Hide Text” option and some do not. See here for a list >

  11. ~~justjennifer
    o-0 !

  12. occupationalhazard

    I do have a custom design upgrade, which is why I assume there must be some way to override the theme, but perhaps not with this particular theme (structure)

    thanks for your input. I will check this out.

  13. There should be a way to do it with the upgrade, something along the lines of display:none; but I would wait and hold out for one of the other forum volunteers or even Staff to come by to help you with this before changing themes, especially if you have your heart set on using Structure.

  14. You have hidden the title at appearance > header, but you have not changed the title that is set at settings > general. Go to settings > general and in site title you will find "My Blog". Simply change that to what you want to appear in the browser tabs and title bar. You can delete the "my blog" at settings > general, but search engines want to see a site title and if you don't have one, they can discount your search engine ranking.

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