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My blog about traveling tell me what you think. :)


    Any tips on how to make it look more professional?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. riverbrooks,
    just my personal opinion... I'd not have your photos
    "running together" in that joined up fashion, I've have a line
    of space between each of them so that each one gets the attention it
    I'd also use the photos to break up the text more...
    maybe others like the more solid look of the text but I find the
    smaller blocks easier to read.

    Maybe some more detail on where you are, finding out late in the post s like getting a phone call where the caller doesn't give their name and you are racking your brains to figure it out.

    If the photos/videos aren't made by you then a credit would be the very least you need to do otherwise you are effectively stealing their images.

    Also this doesn't seem to be (primarily) a "travel" blog to me...

    just my 2c ... Good Luck and Happy Blogging! :)

  3. cooool thanks. ya its supposed to be half travel half political... I'm taking off again in a couple weeks so at that point most of the stories will be travel related.

    Ya I do need to get the pics spaced out..

    too much work to give everyone credit. :) stealing is fun... (im going to start taking my own pics soon so that should take care of that...)

    Thanks for the advice!!! :)

    btw your blog is really good, amazing pics!! :)

  4. ok i just spaced out the pics in the pot blog.. your right that looks soooo much better!! :D

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