My blog admin is VERY slow

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    I started a Blog a month ago. I am enthusiast.
    But I am experiencing this issue.
    When I log in my admin, pages load very slowly.
    At the same time any other different website, blog, no mattery how much graphics, pictures etc. loads as fast as I am used to.
    Is there any explanation?
    I am sure there is a problem? Could it be on my end.
    Thanks for any help.



    Hello this seems to be a widespread problem. Here’s the link to the thread that was just above yours on the forum called YIKES! Why so slow?



    I’m thinking it may be a setup with how your browser/ firewall/ what have you deals with secure content since it is secure content but no one ever gets back to us on what their security settings and whatnot are.

    Care to fill us in?



    Sure I would like to.
    What do you need exactly?
    As for now:
    I use mozilla firefox, but I am also trying opera (not better as to the issue we are talking about.
    I have windows xp with service pack 2. I use windows firewall.
    Let me know how I can help.
    At the moment, neither firefox, nor opera work. My blog’s homepage doesn’t load. My admin doesn’t load either.



    Ok, today things are much better.
    I managed to eliminate some spyware.
    So I think some problems were on my end.
    At the same time, wordpress admin was worse than most of the other websites.
    Still, if you think I can help, I would like to.



    My OS is Windows XP Professional with service pack 2. I have my windows firewall turned off because it has a nasty tendency to mess up other applications. Instead I have a linksys router and I have my internet security system firewall turned on. I use a firefox 2 browser. And I do not have the problem you are experiencing. I’ll leave it to drmike to advise you but I don’t think you should rule the windows firewall out as your culprit – it can be a real pain.



    Interesting. I’ve had no problems with accessing my blog until about 15 minutes ago when it slowed to less than a crawl – we’re talking 1-2 minutes to load. (It took me back to using acoustic couplers! :) ).

    All other websites I visit are fine (well, with the exception of one that has a known server issue).

    I’m using Mac OS 10.4.6, Firefox (slowness also evident when using Safari 2.0.3). I have a Draytek Vigor 2600 broadband router with firewall and IP filter activated (but haven’t changed the settings in a year or so). My primary Mac is connected to the router via 100Mb ethernet; my laptop via wireless (802.11g). Same problem evident on both.



    YES. I just ground my teeth through the slowness too – again. In fact I got so annoyed I just disconnected completely and came in again on a new connection.
    This is just speculation on my part but I believe that over the course of the last month or so there have being changes going on in the backend with servers and load balancing and GAWD knows what else that is causing this periodic annoyance.



    Traceroutes and pings from my Mac (I’m with are coming up as unresolved.

    Traceroute to using Colt’s traceroute:

    traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using
    traceroute: Warning: Multiple interfaces found; using @ hme0
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
    1 fe5-0-svc2.LON.router.COLT.NET ( 0.894 ms 0.677 ms 0.568 ms
    2 fe6-2-cr1.LON.router.COLT.NET ( 0.781 ms 1.441 ms 0.726 ms
    3 ( 69.687 ms 71.141 ms 70.571 ms
    4 ( 70.660 ms 70.128 ms 70.323 ms
    5 ( 70.402 ms ( 69.646 ms ( 70.144 ms
    6 ( 70.671 ms 70.621 ms 71.341 ms
    7 ( 70.699 ms 70.481 ms 72.204 ms
    8 ( 92.280 ms ( 77.096 ms ( 91.991 ms
    9 ( 92.471 ms 89.854 ms ( 112.877 ms
    10 ( 88.978 ms ( 113.738 ms 114.366 ms
    11 ( 109.108 ms ( 114.783 ms ( 108.368 ms
    12 ( 108.656 ms ( 116.310 ms ( 108.987 ms
    13 * * ( 109.858 ms
    14 ( 114.096 ms ( 110.297 ms 117.159 ms

    Still slow, but not as bad.




    Yep, we are aware of the periodic extreme slowness and have been working on tracking it down for some time now. We think we’re pretty close, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.


    We are working on some stuff that will significantly reduce page load times for our international bloggers and visitors. In addition, we will be working on making the admin section faster in general.



    Me too.



    Thats will be good, it is extremely slow for me too.



    Cheers and thanks. I’m not bothered about the usual page load times (fast enough for an old codger like me), it’s just when it goes slow enough that I can pass it on my walking frame that it gets bothersome. :D



    Warp speed YES!
    Thanks for responding to this post and many ***kisses*** for working on this too. I can’t wait for the “slow-mo” mode to be disappeared forevermore.



    My computer hangs often when trying to load several different wordpress blogs. Usually when it hangs I get a message at the bottom of the Firefox screen saying:
    “Waiting on”

    A person named Matt has a wordpress blog but none of the blogs I’m having trouble with, have him linked or in their blogroll.

    Why would I get this message?

    Mac OS 10.3.9



    Because Matt is Mister WordPress, basically. I’d send a Feedback from your dashboard.



    While you’re waiting for your support ticket to be answered here’s Matt


    even though we all use our own address for stylesheets (e.g.,
    there’s actually only one copy. right now they’re using server redirects to send the stylesheet to a user’s browser. all the stylesheets are at for convenience. (matt runs, hence the funny spelling of automattic).

    you’re getting a timeout on your stylesheet. the ‘matt’ prefix isn’t really relevant (they could have used any blog that doesn’t have a custom template (both the FAQ and the official blog have their own templates).



    Oh… That’s Matt. oops.

    Just to elaborate, I have 2 Macs and a PC in the same room and all have the same problem with loading wordpress blogs but not any other websites.

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