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My blog all of a sudden lost its header and is looking funny

  1. unfinishedwork

    same problem for me also. in the US. i haven't changed any settings or anything, just no graphics, header etc. this morning. i hope it's a WP problem and not me!

  2. fabulousfinishes

    i just tried (from above) with Kaspersky off and it comes up with full color, everything in place. when i turn Kaspersky back on, and refresh, its a white page all sripped... just like mine -

  3. The workshop I'm conducting for teachers on using WordPress will take place in 4 hours. I am really, really hoping WordPress is back up and running by then.

  4. Whoa, I just posted and it's back! Hopefully for good. Thanks, WordPress!

  5. it's back in norway too.

  6. It's back in Maryland, U.S.

  7. it's back in Turkey...


  8. fabulousfinishes

    Great, mine is back, with security on, too! Michigan US. thanks!

  9. It's back in England. Thanks guys. Great job! We can all breathe again.

  10. executivepagan

    back to normal.

  11. Thanks Guys, this is fine, now.

  12. urbannaturephotos

    Everything's ok now, thank you.

  13. It's back in Middle East :-)

    thnks wordpress!!

  14. every thinks is okay, greeting from Sudan.

    thanks team of WP

  15. All should be fixed. We had some trouble with a new domain we have setup to try to serve CSS stylesheets faster. We have reverted back to the old domain for now since the new one was causing problems.

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