My Blog Article Stolen – I Contacted Adsense

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    One of my blog articles was stolen. Word for word. What to do? Well, I saw that they have an adsense account. So I reported the violation to Google. I hope they lose their adsense account. I also use adsense, so I know what they did is against adsense policy.

    I don’t know if WordPress can do anything about it. Do you think I did the right thing?

    Here is the offending website:

    Here is my original article:

    My articles are original and copyrighted.


    Color Serenity



    Unix-Fu users have been doing this a lot lately. Check out this thread for some more information.



    We have no control over, so unfortunately there’s nothing we can do.

    Contacting Adsense is probably a good idea, as such sites are invariably created for advertising purposes.



    If you do decide that you want to pursue this matter then this DMCA or not? thread has instructions that are helpful



    I have a similar problem… has basically stolen the last month of my blog posts:



    Please read the posts above your own. This is not a issue. You must deal with it yourself and two links have been provided above for doing that.
    Best wishes :)


    Thank you everyone. I appreciate this. Didn’t quite know what to do about it.



    Take heart and proceed to make your position clear to the host. :)



    Yes, thank God the poster in that first thread provided the emails for both. I recommend emailing BOTH of them (separately) because if that unix.fu guy gets fu-ed enough by an avalanche of emails from us, he may just give up and get his old job back at 7-11 or wherever.

    Actually, I hope he scrapes a lawyer’s site. A really angry lawyer’s site.


    I know a really angry lawyer but he doesn’t blog… yet.


    Definitely follow up on the links in this thread.

    This comes up time and time again. You should have a fill-in-the-blanks form letter for Google on file, so that the next time it happens, it takes no more than a couple of minutes to fill out and send off to them.

    Google has been surprisingly quick at having scum sites either take down offending posts or pulling Adsense altogether.


    Thank you everyone. I did read most of these posts. I sent out some emails. I told his host that many people are upset over this and included links to one of these threads.

    Let’s see what happens.



    Oops, I forgot. Sacred path, let’s hope your angry lawyer gets itchy fingers and decides to blog. I’m sending good thoughts that way!



    Why not send the offender a simple message stating that you will attempt to sue him/her in their personal capacity if they do not immediatly retract the stolen articles completely, and publish an apology on their site. It is completely illegal according to the Berne Convention to steal someone’s intellectual property, whether or not copyright has been asserted. I am starting a discussion about this on my blog.



    Because that generally doesn’t work. Contacting the host and the ad supplier is far more effective. Most people know that when you say you’re going to sue them you are bluffing.



    If you are posting on this in your blog then you will find that our forum searchbox contains a treasure trove of information. In addition you will find that Lorelle has written a series of posts on this subject as well.

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