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My Blog Background disappeared!

  1. What's the reason?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I literally just had the same problem, and it's still going on! I've had the same background for over a year, and suddenly it just disappeared and defaulted to gray a half hour ago! What the heck?!

  3. Same thing happened to me.

    I re-uploaded my background image and even tried selecting a color, but with no luck.

  4. My background just disappeared, too, and none of the edits I just tried to make on several published posts went through. All i was doing was changing the spelling of one of my tags, so no big deal, but I assume this means that I can't edit anything or probably post, either...

    but my site stats just updated with a new number of visits, so that seems to be working.

  5. psilomelane1357

    Same problem here -- hopefully some official info on the situation is posted soon...

  6. Me too. Bueno theme.

  7. Add me to the list of peeps with no background options :(

  8. Now mine is back. Not sure what happened.

  9. psilomelane1357

    Okay -- looks like the custom background has returned.

  10. The background issue is fixed now -- it was a temporary glitch that we've corrected. Sorry for any trouble it caused.

  11. Mine's still gone...

  12. Mine's Still Also ... we have the same theme that ingridcc

  13. With that one "Theme: MistyLook by Sadish" the issue continues!!

  14. We'll take a look at MistyLook—will fix the problem shortly.

  15. background still gone, but I may have been wrong about the editing problem. I just edited a word in the text of a post with no problem.

    My edits to the tags still doesn't work, but I'm realizing it's probably just that tags can't have accent marks??? like those marks over the a and e in some French words?
    They show up in the text fine, but it didn't show up when I was trying to add it into a tag...

  16. Thanks! It's back...

  17. You're welcome—sorry (again) for the trouble.

  18. My background is still gone and so are all the images on the blog. Any clue why this is happening?

  19. @saranaufogus: Did you empty your cache memory?

  20. rbjpartnersboston

    I'm getting a silver background - please help. My boss will kill me

  21. Getting a gray background using Benevolence theme instead of image.

  22. @rbjpartnersboston and @jonschooler could you start a new topic please? This one is pretty old. Thanks.

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