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My blog cannot be seen on people's readers, apparently.

  1. So yeah, would there be a reason as to why my blog posts are not showing on my subscribers' readers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I seem to have the same problem. I have also noticed that some posts of blogs I follow do not show up in my reader.
    Isn't there something that can be done about this? Seems more than just a few blogs are having issues with this.
    Anybody from support out there?

  3. Are you making regular blog posts, or making Pages or Asides or Galleries or other kinds of special formats? Which specific posts are not showing up?

  4. Just regular blog posts and it seems to be random. Some posts will show up and some won't. And it is the same with blogs I follow. Sometimes I think that someone hasn't posted in a while and when I go to their blog, there is a new post, only it didn't show up in my reader.
    Considering all this, I think it might be an issue with the reader itself. I'm just not sure how many blogs are affected by this.

  5. I forgot to mention that when I use the "Get new posts by email" option, set to instantly, I also do not receive any emails when new posts go up on the blogs I follow.

  6. What reader are you using, then?

    There have sometimes been issues with the RSS feeds, particularly when there have been sticky posts or the posts in question have been scheduled rather than posted spontaneously. Do you have sticky posts? Can you give us teh URL of an exact post of yours that did not go out on the feed? Was it scheduled?

  7. I am talking about the WordPress integrated reader, specifically the "Blogs I Follow" option on
    I cannot give you the url of an exact post of mine, people just mentioned to me that they had to go to my blog to read all my posts.
    But like I said, I have had the same issue with blogs I follow. And I even go back in the timeline on "Blogs I follow" from time to time to see if I missed a post that was not posted spontaneously. It just does not show up at all.
    Also, if I use a different reader, like Google, all the posts show up. I just like the convenience of the "Blogs I Follow" option. And of course I wonder how many of my followers use the WordPress reader and miss my posts.

  8. By the way, thanks for your help and patience, raincoaster. I appreciate it. :)

  9. Ok, so today's post did not show up in the WordPress reader under blogs I follow. I tried it myself. And yes, it was scheduled but shouldn't it at least work with WordPress' own reader? It showed up fine in other readers.
    Here is the URL:

    I also noticed posts from blogs I follow missing in my list again today. 

  10. Having the same problem, off and on. And others have been mentioning it.

  11. The problem remains. More and more bloggers mention the same issue. I am also noticing a decline in my numbers, which is frustrating. I would really appreciate it if someone could fix this problem for the reader as well as the email notifications.

  12. Others have the same and similar problems. People are seeing a decline in viewership and nobody from support seems to care enough to respond or check it out. This is very disappointing.
    Similar thread with a problem I also mentioned before:

  13. This is to advise you that this thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  14. I have also noticed flaky behavior on the blogs I follow main page thing - sometimes Posts will be completely left out other times they will be delayed by several hours - just figured it was some sort of a "feature" to get us to check back more often to drive up home page views.

  15. ~~auxclass
    How cynical ... lol :) My take is that the ongoing work of moving all our stuff to the main page of is giving rise to these issues but I'm only speculating.

  16. Would you please tell us the URLs of the affected blogs?

  17. I have noticed it with my own blog:
    And it happens randomly with all of the blogs I follow. Sometimes posts show up, sometimes they don't.

  18. I don't see anything particularly wrong with that blog, so this may be some glitchiness in the reader. How many blogs do you follow?

  19. At the moment, I only follow 23 blogs.
    Could you explain what you mean by glitchiness? Is there something that can be done about it?

  20. By glitchiness, I mean there appears to be a glitch. We'll look into this.

  21. Ok, thank you.

  22. I am having the same issue. I switched from to and some followers are telling me I'm not showing up in the reader when I publish a new post. I am noticing a drop in stats now too. I switched around April 26.

  23. The reader is temporarily broken while staff are working on it. There are a few threads in the forum on this issue. Wait it out.

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