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    Actually my blog cannot view correctly after i edit text. Now my sidebar going down and there’s a smile face under the wordpress footer. Can u give an idea



    u using default theme or custom theme?

    would u mind posting yr blog add here so tat pple can help u?



    help me






    can u open my blog


    Member looks fine to me. Sometimes the sidebar drops if you’re putting in a picture that’s too wide or pasting from Word (don’t ever paste from Word, it’s horrible and messes up your blog).

    The smiley face is always there. It’s called Angela and uses it to calculate our stats. You only noticed it because everything else fell to the bottom. It looks like you fixed whatever it was that caused that, though. At least, I’m viewing it on Firefox and it looks fine. What browser are you using?



    Internet Explorer ….. Actually i like to used three column on my blog. Anyway, can u give me the way to got my blog normal again. Please helpp Raincoster


    I can’t figure out where the problem is. My suggestion is to set your blog to display only one post per page, and then go through them one at a time to see which one is causing the problem. Once you have done that, it will make it easier for someone here to figure out what is happening.


    You have two text widgets it appears at the botom of your left hand sidebar that have something in them that could be causing the issues. Remove all the widgets below the blog stats widget and see if that corrects the problem.



    Did you update Flash media player? It is required for the new WordPress user interface (the presentation screens when you are writing or editing your blog).

    Also I found I had to instal Internet Explorer version 7 to get things working.


    The problem is with viewing the blog, and the flash problem is only with uploading, it has nothing to do with viewing the blog.


    Even I am facing the same issues as mentioned above. Can anybody help me out?? This is my blogs address:-



    Did you try the steps provided by others in this thread?


    I have set my blog to one post per page settings. I have observed that the problem is when I am viewing only certain posts. I have listed a few over here:-


    You Gotta Have Art
    One Woman Dedicated to Healing Haiti
    Doctors can’t explain why 21-year-old Zack Dunlap recovered from accident
    Strengthening our Willpower Muscle

    These are only a few of the posts that seem to be causing the problems. I dont want to delete these posts. Kindly let me know what can be done.

    Thanking you in anticipation



    1.) It’s helpful for the helpers to list their direct adresses
    2.) I can’t reproduce the problem on my browser. Some of the offending posts even validate as proper (X)HTML.
    3.) What’s your Browser/system version?
    4.) Did you do the cookie dance (logout, flush browser cache and cookies, re-login)?
    5.) For the “gotta have art” post: The HTML is broken. Delete the First Line (by Karen…) and type(!) it again. Then check if the problem persists.



    im also experiencing the same thing…. check my blog.. but i will follow thesacredpath suggestion, he’s really good


    I have tried what deltafoxtrot asked me to. Its still not working Here are my system configurations:-

    Firefox on Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4



    i have addressed my problem.. so my page is back to normal.. i just follow thesacredpath suggestions! :-)



    You are pasting from WORD. Please do not do this. This is what is causing your errors. If you continue to paste from Word, you will continue to have these errors.

    Word puts all kinds of horrible code in your posts that you can’t see, and this is what happens. Every one of the posts that has trouble you will have to fix yourself, by hand. That means copying all the text, deleting it all, pasting the text into something like Notepad or Wordpad using Paste Special ->Remove Formatting to strip out all the weird HTML, then copy that and paste THAT into your blog. You will have to add all your links and formatting back in by hand. For each of those posts.



    hmmm what i do now, when i copy and paste stuff from WORD, I paste it in the HTML view tab… not on the VISUAL view tab. BEcause i found out (with support from raincoaster) that pasting right straight from WORD to VISUAL will make your post html codes messy… so you will be doing lot of things of troubleshooting because your front page is really irritating to eyes. Then, I experimented like pasting WORD stuff to HTML view tab… and I discovered that it automatically turns your post into wordpress theme normal lay-out (i dont know what to call it). In short, try pasting from WORD to HTML tab, and NEVER on VISUAL view tab for a hassle free posting. :-)

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