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My Blog Dashboard

  1. The dashboard for my blog, "American Liberal Times" has recently begun appearing in what looks like a two-column format with the right-hand two columns having nothing in them except for two rectangles made of dashes.

    The two columns that remain seem to contain all the information and functions they need to have and all the functions are working properly.

    So is it normal for the dashboard to contain the two blank columns with the empty rectangles at the top?

    Is there a way by which I can revert my dashboard to its original two-column layout or is it going to be alright the way it is?

    Any information I can receive about this phenomenon will be sincerely appreciated and most gratefully received.

    Respectfully yours,


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ditto with my dashboard . . . but only on my desktop computer. On the iPad and my laptop those two columns do not appear.

  3. Hi americanliberaltimes and rdougwicker! I came across this thread while trying to help another member. The developers recently made some changes to the dashboard. I went into some detail here, if you're still looking for help.

  4. Thanks, TXPost. I'll have to try that drag-and-drop thing on my desktop. Hope it doesn't mess up my view on the other computers, though.

  5. Great! It shouldn't mess up the view on your other computers. The columns will adjust based on your display size, with your rightmost modules sliding into the bottom of your rightmost columns.

  6. Thanks again, TXPost.

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