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My blog is not working

  1. My blog is not working. I cannot see I can see my dashboard and my other blogs but not this one.
    Blog url:

  2. It looks like you failed to renew you domain mapping form you blog to your domain

  3. if not that then maybe you failed to set up domain mapping correctly.

  4. It looks like you did not do the part about changing the name servers to point to WordPress.COM - the still seem to be pointing to Godaddy

  5. So, for a while yesterday was on. Then, this morning it was redirected to I did not purchase a redirect. I let the domain mapping expire because I want to use for another purpose. I am managing that through godaddy. I deleted from my wordpress dashboard/store/domain names. But, for some reason I cannot understand, when I type, out pops If I did not have other blogs with wordpress, I could not even be writing this. I got into wordpress dashboard through my other blog. Please help!

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  7. It looks like you've successfully detached the domain from the site

    But, for some reason I cannot understand, when I type, out pops

    This may be due to DNS caching, as I'm not seeing this behaviour at my end. Would you mind trying another browser where you haven't opened your site lately, and let me know if this is still happening?

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