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  1. I have another wordpress blog at the address I changed the theme to the blog tonight and now the blog has disappeared. You go to that address and get a blank page. At the very least I need the blog restored to it's previous state if the new theme I activated was a problem. I really need help on this.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. the blog I need help with is this address

  3. That is a WordPress.ORG blog, not a WordPress.COM blog, and you will need to be over there for assistance with that.

  4. No my blog is a WordPress.COM blog because this is the only site that carries my log info, I don't think it would let me log in if I didn't have a site. My blog address again is if you go to it it will be a blank page, because I updated to a new theme once I downloaded it. Anddd everytime I try to upgrade to your 3.4.1 version or whatever the numbers are my computer goes nuts and I have to do an emergency shutdown.

  5. is not a blog, I assure you. That format of link cannot even be used here.

    3.4.1 is a WordPress.ORG version. blogs cannot use downloaded themes. Only ones can.

    You have a WordPress.ORG blog. You need to be at WordPress.ORG.

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