My blog disappeared from google search results

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    Starting November 27th my visit count suddently dropped to almost 0, even though I made no changes on my blog (
    I used to have about 200 visits/day, and since then the count is around 20.
    I searched for my blog using google search engine and it does not show up in the results anymore. The privacy settings are not configured to block google.

    How can this be resolved?


    The blog I need help with is



    On some of your posts you have 50 or more combined tags and categories. The recommended is no more than 15. Google will see you as a spammer and will drop you, which is what may well have happened. Reduce your tags and categories to no more than 15. in total. I can’t read your blog so i don’t know what your content is but if it’s not original content then Google will drop you for that reason too.



    Also do a search in Google for the Panda and Penguin updates. You will understand then what Google are removing from their search engines.




    Thanks for the answer.
    Does that mean that if I reduce the number of tags and categories in each post the problem will be solved?
    That wil mean more than an year worth of posts, it will be and endless job. And why did that happen now, if I have been doing it for so long?

    Regarding the content, it is original.

    As for the panda and penguin updates, I didn’t understand.


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    I did it, and read it and didn’t understood, otherwise I wouln’t have taken the time to write here.

    I need to know how to resolve this, because everything I read didn’t made that clear.




    Reduce the number of tags and categories on each post to a dozen or less, and in future don’t use more than that. You are very properly currently classed as a tag spammer and for that reason you are not showing up.


    Reduce the number of tags and categories on each post to a dozen or less, and in future don’t use more than that.

    Less is more.



    I’m in, so you might ignore me…but I have this problem, too.

    Panda was a year ago. What happened the last couple of weeks? Some of my blogs are down to less than 10 visits a day! NONE of my All in one SEO titles can be found. I have maybe 3 tags and never more than one category.

    Any more ideas?


    Does anyone know?… Should cutting down on the number of tags that I use from here on out do the trick? Or will I have to go back and grandfather the removal of tags to all of my old posts?

    It bugs me that we get no warning of these things. I was beginning to average about 300 page views per day, and now I have 10 so far today, for instance.



    My blog disappeared from google search results

    The Panda algorithm is focused on detection of duplicate content. Every blogger should read Google’s quality guidelines. There have been many major updates to Google’s “Panda” algorithms since they were introduced February 2011 to purge search results of duplicate content and low quality content. Google’s Penguin Update launched on April 24, 2012 was a change to Google’s search results designed to punish pages that have been spamming Google and remove low quality content from the SERPs .

    Then bottomline here is this is not a issue. We cannot assist with search engine issues. They are between the blogger and the search engine Staff



    It bugs me that we get no warning of these things.

    There has never been a policy that was in any way, shape or form supportive of using more than the bare minimum number of tags that are relevant and supported by the text in site content. Excessive tagging is the hallmark of a misguided person who has listened to all the wrong advice and there sure is plenty of bad advice on the internet.

    Stick to using what Google provides and you will experience smooth sailing. Search engines pay more attention to your keywords in your content than they do to your keywords in Tags/Categories you assign to your posts. The search spiders re programmed to detect when any category or tag is not supported in the content.

    Thank GAWD for that as we researchers who make have brought this time wasting duplication of low quality and no quality content in the SERPs to Google’s spam team’s attention for years now. They listened and acted – alleluia!


    Thank you.



    oops! I put the blockquotes around on the wrong text above lol :D


    I was never “misguided” by others and I never received “wrong advice.” I just started my blog and started “doing stuff” that I thought was proper as a layman.



    I’m so glad to hear that because lots of bloggers have actually paid good money for bad advice.

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