My blog disappeared. What happened?

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    I was invited to moderate a friend’s comment on my blog, which has the URL I approved the comment and then replied to it. After doing so, I was directed to a page that said there was a server issue, and to refresh after a few minutes. So I refreshed after a few minutes. At that point my entire blog just vanished. It is no longer on my dashboard. It is as if it never existed. If I try to visit any of the pages (by typing the URL in my address bar, or by clicking a link to a page), I get a blank page; viewing source yields an empty page with no code, nothing.

    I have two other blogs, one visible to the public and one not. Neither seem to be affected.

    NOTE: The Blog URL field will not allow me to enter the correct blog URL; I had to choose from a list and none of the options belong to the blog that is missing. The correct blog URL is

    What gives?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s back! I have no idea why but it magically reappeared. Yay!


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    That’s great! I suspect it was a browser problem. Next time try this:



    That’s the strange thing, is that I did try all those things. It didn’t work in any browser. I cleared caches and cookies. I tried it at work and at home. It was very weird, I was afraid that the blog had somehow been mistakenly deleted (and not by me) or that my account had been compromised.

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