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    Hi! I made a blog few days ago with name ‘’ when this blog was searched on google it used to appear but when I changed the name of blog from to then later one not appear in google search even after entering full name of blog i.e Please help me how can i show in search engines with mere title of the blog i.e FAZAL DIN FLOUR MILLS (FDFM)?

    The blog I need help with is



    You should really consider another blog service if you are here for Google traffic.



    I made a blog few days ago…

    Please note that it can sometimes take awhile before your site will appear in search engine results. The best thing is to keep posting regularly.

    FWIW-I already see your site in Google’s search returns for FAZAL DIN FLOUR MILLS.

    skillcode-I’m not sure why you mention what you do, but kindly research your answers before posting them.



    Thanks skillcode and justjennifer ….

    I know this blog is appeared in search engine after few days of posting but its rank is still low as compared to my old blog….For instance my old blog appear first (2 times) but my new one appear later after that…Why is my new blog appearing before my old one?

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