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My blog does not appear in WordPress search

  1. My blog appears in Yahoo and Google but when I try to look for it in th WordPress search, nada.
    I even tried using specific words, still nothing.

    Heres the blog

    Thank you all in advance


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Exactly what do you mean by "wordpress search" ?
    Are you referring to the searchbox on your blog?

  3. To gain search engine visibility, blog more. More posts will mean more pings to search engines (even WordPress's) and more meaningful results when your blog DOES turn up. Your blog is less than a month old.

  4. raincoaster is right on. The more frequently you blog the more search engine attention your blog will get in terms of indexing and these things take time. Normally it takes 4 - 6 weeks to get any attention at all, unless your blog starts receiving backlinks from other blogs.

    Also note that your posts are showing up on the global tag pages. Example: If readers start searching the same tags you use the three big search engines will list your posts in the SERPS. However, they may not be on the first page of entries and those are the entries that get the most click throughs.

    The bottom line here is that there is no such thing as passive blog promotion. Here's a post that will get you started with blog promotion

  5. Thank you all very much for your help.
    Have a good new year

  6. You're welcome and best wishes to you for happy blogging in 2010. :)

  7. Are you sure about that? I have a new blog, too (and I am new to blogging as well) and I can't find it with the wordpress search (the search box in the upper right corner on the wp interface).

    When I type in some key words from my posts I can find my blog with google but not with wp search. Even when I typed in some very specific keywords I got NO results instead of finding my blog... On the other hand I can find it when clicking on tags.
    Is this normal?

    My blog: (it's all in German btw..;))

  8. Yes, that is perfectly normal. Search accuracy depends on the amount of material you've got. When you've got more posts, it'll become more accurate.

    WP has been very clear that they're in the blog business, google is in the search business. The search here is always going to be less sophisticated than Google's.

    Cool blog, by the way. I'm off to watch the Dead Snow video. Nazi zombie flicks ftw!

  9. Ok I see, thanks a lot. I was just a little confused about that.

  10. I have a similar problem as the OP.

    And it doesn't appear that my blog is appearing on the global tags page either. e.g. I had a post on breastfeeding

    And it didn't come up there

    With the search page, will all posts come up in the "Show the Most Recent" option? My blog is only new so it may take a while, I'd like to know.

  11. @curiouswoman
    I clicked all the tags and the category and you are correct your blog has a technical problem - none of the links were to the global tagging pages. Volunteers can't apply technical fixes. You need Staff help

  12. Thanks for your help timethief.

  13. Yay!

    The link above is working now so Staff are at work. :)

  14. Cancel that the ones on your blog posts aren't working. :(

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