My blog doesn’t come up when I search on google…

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    I’ve recently created a blog at but when I search for iton google it doesn’t appear. Does it take a while to feature on search engines? Or do I need to do something to ensure that it comes up when people search?





    It can take a while for new blogs to appear in search engines, sometimes as long as up to 4 – 6 weeks, though often sooner. I wouldn’t worry unless it’s been a couple of weeks. One thing you can do is check that you’ve set your blog to appear in search engines, rather than be private. That’s in Dashboard > Options > Privacy.



    Thanks! Yep, privacy options on the right setting, guess I just have to wait!



    You could try submitting it directly to Google as well. Not sure, but it might be a bit faster.


    Be aware that Google may never list your site unless (a) other sites link to it, and (b) it has worthwhile content.

    Google provide guidelines for webmasters at

    Well worth a read.


    You definitely need to get your blog out there in the wild. I do it by commenting on other peoples’ entries (meaningful, of course.. don’t spam), as well as putting it on all of my other profiles, such as MySpace, Flixster, etc. Google will pick it up when it makes the update rounds on those sites and it’ll come through to your blog.

    It took mine about 1-1.5 weeks to show up because I have many online profiles and memberships and I participate in way too many forums and comment on tons of articles. LOL



    Make sure you go here, too, to get your blog known in the Google system:



    visit my blog



    ryanfluehr, now stop spamming forums.


    ROFLMAO he forgot to say what blog :P



    Click on “member” and follow the forum spam trail. ;)



    Submit your site here on the right – Submit it to only the top 40 search engines. And also claim your blog at Technorati and place Technorati’s buttons and such on your site. And make sure to ping your blog. I ping mine at and And email other similar sites like yours for link exchanges on each other’s blogrolls. And to get listed on search engines, try to get your blog on at least one person’s blog that is already listed on Google. This way when they get indexed, your site will then be indexed.



    wow awsome i was like totally freaking out that my blog wasn’t appearing in google lol. anyway visit my blog if you want (all about club penguin)(View site ยป) click view site to get there.



    I don’t know why my blog aren’t listed in google too. Probably I need to try out any suggestion that wrote in here. Thanks all, this forum is great :)

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