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My blog doesn't load in the iPad

  1. Hi guys, I hope you are all ok, I have been having a problem loading my blog in the iPad the last few days, it wont load at all, I have tried typing the URL direct and through google search but it just won't load.
    Im talking about Safari no the wordpress app....other wordpress blogs that I follow are loading just perfect, so I don't know why this is happening
    Could you please help me : )

    Many Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have an iPad. Have you tried posting here for help?
    You may want to post here >

  3. Hi thank you very much for your prompt response, my blog is in, is it still ok to post the question there?

    Many thanks

  4. Yes, it is. Have you seen this?

  5. Hi, thank you, yes I have the updated app, that one is working fine but the problem is with Safari. I'll post the question in the link you suggested. : )

  6. I got some friends to try as well...any luck, is not loading at all, just a white It screen...

  7. Hi I have just found this
    So it looks like the is not the best place to ask :(

  8. Ok I manage to fix it if anybody got the same just need to inactivate the Onswipe on the Appearance > ipad.

    More info here

    Many Thanks!!

  9. Thanks so much to you for returning and sharing the link to solution here. It's appreciated.

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