my blog full withi errors

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    I know I need some help. I don’t know that much about webmastering, but I would like to continue blogging and include the site in the google index. Can anybodyo help me to fix the errors and validate the site.
    My blos is:


    This technical support forum is for those who are hosted at You, according to your blog URL are hosted at blogspot and should be asking your question in their support forum.



    OK, I imported the content of to I want to validate the website, but before that I need some help with the errors I found:



    The validation doesn’t matter. Blogger does not use standards compliant templates anyway. It is likely to be a problem with Blogger not WordPress.


    You may end up having to edit all your posts individually and either straighten up the code, or alternately after opening the post for editing, copy all the text out to the clipboard, and then do a special paste as plain text only using the advanced editing tool bar in the visual editor. Then save the post. That will strip out all of the codes. You can then format the post as you see fit.

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