my blog hangs their comp! help!

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    hello~ my frens hav been tellin me whenever they read my blog, it always tk a very long time to load and de page doesnt show completely, worst still it caused their computer to hang…
    is my blog infested wif virus or something?
    i neva realise this cos when i view my blog, its alright..
    pple pls help! thanks!



    Would help if you gave us the address of your blog…


    Member doesn’t exist. Do you have a blog here at If so, then I can tell you that it will not be infected with a virus. If you are hosted elsewhere, you could be, but more likely, you have a site that has loads of data to bring up and is slow that way. As Katm mentions, what is your blog URL?




    my add is
    thanks alot!


    works fine, its probably your friends computer that has a shed load of spyware thats interfereing with it. Tell them to clean their computer with both an anti virus and a antispy app



    ooo okok~~ thanks alot~


    You may want to use lower resolution images, too. Opera 9 is reporting the total size of your front page as being 1.4MB. On slower computers, that could possibly cause some lags, including for rendering the image as a fake resized one. I use Flickr for all of my images, so I can embed the HTML for just the small image. If a reader is interested in seeing the large, they can click on the small version.



    “Snap Preview” has caused a friend’s PC to hang. If enabled on your blog, this can be disabled from Presentation>Extras>Disable “Snap Preview”.

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