My Blog has been archived – but we have no adverts or things to break TOS

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    Hi there,

    My Blog seems to have unfortunately been archived and suspended due to breaking terms of service.
    It is a Non profit blog with no ads. Links provided are only to credit sources.

    Could anyone explain to me what I can do or what I have done to break TOS?

    My Blog is about three years old and the only thing we do is talk about tech stories – no advertising or linking to copyrighted work.




    The blog I need help with is


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    Volunteers in these forums can not help. Only staff can discuss this with you. Contact Support:


    My blog just got the same thing for some random reason this morning. The only advert I have is the one for my company, none of them are paid though.



    I clicked my bookmark this morning and had the same result. Blog archived and suspended due to violation of TOS. I tried clicking both the links (one to TOS page and the other to the WP Homepage. Nothing happened on either one and so I suspect a worm-virus-trojan, whatever.

    I used a standard search engine, got back to homepage, and accessed my blog which has not been suspended or archived.

    Sounds like an attack of some sort.


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    Apparently I am invisible on some threads, but if you can see this:
    Contact Support.

    We volunteers are your fellow-bloggers and we have no ability to fix these things. Whether your blog has been suspended or it’s a worm or whatever, only staff can do anything about it.



    Thanks for the help guys,

    WordPress has reinstated and it’s back up now ^_^

    Thanks ^_^ I feel kinda silly now. It wasn’t even down for more than half an hour. I thought it was permanently gone and would have had to self host.



    It is not an attack.

    This is something we can and will fix quickly where there has been a mistake – and yes, there was a mistake.

    To be super-clear – no attack, no hacking, nothing to worry about.

    Please contact Support and where the blog was part of the mistake it will be fixed really quickly.




    Thanks mark.

    Is there anything I could do to prevent me triggering this and have it happen again?

    Things that might have caused it:

    1. LINKS

    As a tech blog, it’s difficult not to credit sources and send links or give direct links to tutorials.

    Unless commenting on another story (not copy pasting blindly) we do try and post ‘original’ items so to speak.

    Could the blog roll have done it?

    Could excess links make it appear that I’m advertising?

    2. Blog duplicates.

    I’ve seen several spam blogs copy my posts publish them. I think it’s automatically done and I read that it could be perceived that you were the spammer.

    I just ignore them as there’s nothing I can do to stop them posting things I’ve posted online. Though I kinda find it flattering they’d even bother with my site for that.

    3. Copyright material.

    Not sure about this at all – no clue with law.We may post photos/videos to comment on them/highlight them, but that’s a certain style of blogging isn’t it?
    We don’t link out to illegal stuffs (that I’m aware of…though some awful phones Nokia’s been putting out could be regarded as criminal)


    In this case, it was not a mistake that you did. If you ever see any problem like that happen again, please contact us in support right away and we will look into it.

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