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My blog has been corrupted

  1. Since 36 hours the appearance of my log-in page has changed dramatically, and it takes aeons to get logged in. I do not see any box for writing nor any statistics.
    When I check the actual site
    then the avatar is missing, the headline is pushed to the side and the right column is pushed to the end. This happens regardless of Mac or PC, regardless of Safari, Firefox or internet explorer. Please HELP!

    Cheers, Eric Danell, Administrator for the blog at Dokmai Garden

    The blog I need help with is

  2. NOpe, I'm not seeing that in Chrome.

    But I bet I can see the cause of these problems.

    1) are you looking under My Account or My Blogs on your Admin bar. Looks like you're looking at the Global Dashboard. Try logging out then logging in at (note there IS no "www" in your blog address.

    2) It looks like you're copy-pasting, either from a word processor or from elsewhere in the web. Go to Settings->General (or it might be Settings->Writing) and select "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and then edit this post:

    and maybe your most recent one as well. That should fix the errors you introduced by copy/pasting or not closing your HTML tags properly. In future, don't copy/paste. Or if you must, at least use the Paste as Text icon in the Advanced toolbar.

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