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MY blog has been deleted ??

  1. is no longer available ? Someone has been hacking it and delete it during the night !
    How can I get it back ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've tagged this for Staff assistance to see what has happened behind the scenes.

    If your username account was the one who registered the site on WordPressdotcom and it was used to delete this site, there is nothing that WordPressdotcom can do to recover it. Sorry for no better news.

    Please read this guideline about keeping your site and account secure

    Also, you will want to change both your WordPressdotcom site and email passwords as well.

  3. We were 5 or 6 people to use with our own account. We don't know which one was used to delete the blog...

  4. Let's wait for Staff to assist here. They should be able to see which Admin account was used to delete the site. Being a holiday weekend in the US, there might be a slight delay before someone replies. Please be patient.

  5. Hello, thanks for the update.
    We were very astounded to see our blog had been deleted tonight (around 2AM CET).
    We'll keep waiting for now, happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your support!

  6. Hi there,

    The site appears to have been deleted by another admin, maerlynz, who also deleted a large number of posts and media files before deleting the entire site.

    If you believe this was in error I'm happy to investigate further and see if there's anything we can do, but I will need the owner of the site, meloku81, to post here before I can do anything else.

  7. Hello, I'm the owner of Nostroblog and I want you to investigate further.

  8. this happened to my blog too!

  9. @meloku81

    I'll send you an email later today with more details on what happened.


    You are not the owner of that site, nor are you the user who deleted it. If the site owner wants us to look into this they'll please need to start their own thread:

  10. I am the owner of that site, via another email [email redacted] - I can't log into that site and be it's owner because it has been deleted!

  11. can you tell me who is registered as the owner (if not me, Helen Rehman) so that I can contact them and ask them to contact you? As the site is gone, I can't even look at the other possibilities and I've asked everyone I think was on the list and none of them have deleted it....

  12. @kokkieh- the user maerlynz also posted in the forums about this issue.
    And I see you just posted in that thread. :) Cheers!

  13. @hellywin

    The owner of that site was the username, moseleyandkingsheathcp. If that is also your account, please log in as that username and start a new thread and we can see if it's possible to help you there.

    Please stop creating new threads or posting into existing threads as the username hellywin, as we cannot help you with that site under any circumstances unless you contact us as the username that originally owned the site.

  14. @justjennifer

    Thanks. I only saw you'd already closed it after I posted :)

  15. @kokkieh Can you send the mail at Bobonyan too ? My english is so poor... Thanks !

  16. @meloku81

    No problem. I've sent the email to your and Bobonyan's email addresses

  17. moseleyandkingsheathcp

    I have reposted the problem under the correct login, can you have a look please

  18. @moseleyandkingsheathcp : can you post on your own topic please ? Otherwise, It will become difficult to follow our topic...

    @kokkieh : thanks ! I will reply to it.

  19. As we're in email contact now with the site owners in both cases in this thread I'm closing this thread to avoid any duplication. Thanks.

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