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My blog has changed without me even removing things

  1. My blog suddenly changed this morning, gone were the blogroll, side images, comments, sats..etc...there were only a few widgets. I checked the presentation page on my blog an all the widgets were gone!!!!! I didn't even touch i have to go back and re set....why did this happen??

  2. My blog ( had it's sidebars reset back to the default some time over night. All the widgets are gone.

  3. No idea why they reset the widgets page for you. Best bet would be to send in a feedback to the staff about this issue. Feedback through admin, 'support' tab in these forums or email support at wordpress dot com.

    You still have the ability to drag the sidebar widgets back right? I know if you change themes and then go back to your original theme (or stay on the new one), it will reset (at least for me).


  4. i still can drag widgets back but have lost all the pics on the side bar, Tried changint theme and then going back..still the same:(

  5. Best bet would be to contact the Staff about this then and maybe they have a fix for you to get it back. They are quite resourceful!


  6. I had the same things happen to my blog this morning

  7. jodietonita, I restored your widget arrangement.

  8. Same thing happened to my blog this morning too.

  9. wellred2, your widgets are restored.

  10. Excellent Andy! (told you they were quite resourceful!)


  11. I'm in the same boat. Any chance I can get mine restored as well?



  12. There are more than a dozen threads on exactly the same issue right now, so to help Support find all the information as quickly as possible, please post to the main thread about it, here:

    Also, send in a Feedback so they know which blogs are affected.

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