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My Blog Has Disappeared From Google

  1. gingerfightback


    I've just been told that when a google search is done for my site, my blog doesn't appear and in its place is a set of products relating to Ginger!

    Also my hits have not moved today even though I am getting a large number of likes.

    Is there any explanation for this? Do i owe you any money?!

    Best wishes

    Jim O'Sullivan

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Jim,

    I think your domain name has expired and someone else has bought it.

    I would check with your domain registration company. It's not a WordPress issue.


  3. gingerfightback

    Thanks Julia!

  4. Your blog seems to load for me - but it looks like your domain name just expired so you need to renew it quickly - once the domain name is renewed remember to renew the domain mapping

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