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My blog has dissappeared

  1. My blog, "" has DISSAPPEARED. It says the page does not exist.
    Blog url:

  2. The domain expired on May 12 and is currently in redemption. This means that the domain is deactivated, but has not yet been fully released. During this time, you can still renew this domain, but the process is more complicated than a regular renewal.

    If you'd like to renew your ownership of this domain, you have several options:

    1) We can renew the domain for you through our registrar. This costs $98, which includes $18 for the domain and an additional cost of $80 for a late renewal. We have no control over this additional cost, as it is levied on us by our domain registrar.

    2) Try to register the domain through a domain back-ordering service, such as Pool (Registering starts at $60 with Pool)

    3) Wait until the domain is out of redemption and becomes available for registration again. Then, you can register it again for the regular price of $18. This would run the risk of the domain being registered by someone else before you, or the domain not being released for registration at all. The exact redemption period and the release of the domain are at the discretion of our domain registrar and we can't control it.

    If you want to have the best chance of getting your domain back, your best bet would be the first option. If you choose this option, please reply to this thread letting us know. We will then send you a request for payment via PayPal and will contact our registrar on your behalf, asking to restore the domain.

    Please note that time is of the essence here. Because your domain is very close to being cancelled, it may no longer be possible to recover it. If you pay for renewal and we are unable to recover the domain, you will be fully refunded.

  3. I will exercise the first option and renew. That said, why wasn't I ever informed that renewal was pending? Please keep my email address on file for future renewal notices: [email redacted]. Is this the email you had on file?

    Thank you,

    Marc Zumoff

  4. Yes, that's the email address we had on file. We sent three emails to you prior to expiration, one a month before, another two weeks before, and the last two days before.

    I have sent an invoice via PayPal for the funds. Once paid, please reply here with the receipt ID, and I'll contact our registrar partner.

  5. I just did an email search using wordpress and domain and I have no record of any emails. Perhaps they were picked off by the spam filter. That said, it's past history. Let's just be solution-oriented and do what we need to do. Here is ID you requested: Transaction ID: [removed]. When will I be notified about the domain being restored? Also, please let me know if this is an annual renewal and I will make a note in my records so it doesn't happen again.



  6. Thanks for confirming!

    I have contacted our registrar partner and will let you know as soon as I hear back.

    Once recovered, the domain will return to expiring on May 12 each year, so you should renew before that happens. On your next manual renewal (in 2013), you'll have an option to enable auto-renew.

  7. has been recovered successfully.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  8. No I'm good. Thanks for your efforts. P.S. I did go to the blog and something popped up saying the domain would expire May 12(!). Just ignore this?


  9. You're welcome!

    Sorry for the odd error, it's gone now.

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