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My blog has gone - please help

  1. sarahmcloutier

    I have made a mistake adding an incorrect domain name, that is already taken. I now cannot see my blog at all and want to revert back to the
    Blog url:

  2. I don't see anything wrong with

    Are you still having trouble?

  3. sarahmcloutier

    Thanks, I deleted the link to the domain name and it reverted back to normal. However, when I select that blog from the drop down menu under my gravatar, it goes to the now cancelled domain. Do you know how I can fix that link?

  4. You'll need to change your listed "Web Address" at!/settings/

  5. sarahmcloutier

    Thanks - but that's not the issue - I have a few blogs and have another address in that setting.

    When I'm on the healyourselfwithfood blog - and click on the icon top left to go back to the front page of the blog, it is still reverting back to the, which I have already cancelled and deleted the link

    Very strange and slightly frustrating!

  6. sarahmcloutier

    It's the drop down from my gravatar that's still reverting back to the broken link ...

  7. Oh, ok, I understand what you mean now.

    Please try clearing your browser's cookies and cache:

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