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My Blog Has No "Links" Section in the admin?

  1. @ryan-Thanks for the further clarification.

    So then all themes will support having multiple Custom Menus (obviously referring to those that currently support only one), as well as multiple copies of the Custom Menu widget?

    On my personal site ( I have 4 different link widgets in the sidebar, each one displaying links from a different link category. On a couple of the widgets, I have set them up to display a random 10 links because I have quite a number of links in that particular category.

    In short, will I be able to do this using the Custom Menu? I'm particularly concerned about losing the ability to display a random 10 links.

  2. Though some themes support only one (or sometimes zero) Custom Menus, this only referrers to the navigation menu area.

    You can still create as many Custom Menus as you'd like for use with Custom Menu Widgets.

    Unfortunately, the ability to display a small set of random links out of a larger group of links is not currently available in the Custom Menu system.

  3. Thanks for the info @macmanx-In the long run, though, that's a shame. I have dozens of links that I share via my links section and the ability to display a random selection of those links keeps my sidebar sane and tidy.

  4. I just want to share my opinion and comment. Personally, I feel that many people use the LINKS functionality and while there may be better ways to do this, I would prefer to see the LINKS area "improved" as opposed to dropped and require the use of some other feature. I'm not sure if this is possible, but if WordPress could simply improve the functionality of the LINKS feature, as opposed to eventually removing it and forcing users to replicate "links" by doing it another way, I'd vote for just an improvement of the LINKS area.

    :-) But I'm really happy that you've decided not to remove it at this time.


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