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My Blog Has No "Links" Section in the admin?

  1. The admin in my site has no "Links" area with which to build my blog roll... Is there a reason for this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you logged in under the username account that registered the blogs ie. are you the Admin of the blog?

    See here >
    and here >

  3. Yes, I am. I'm the sole user and the admin.

  4. Go to the top right hand corner of your Admin page and click "screen options". Then you can include modules.
    Post โ€“ Likes and Shares, Format*, Categories, Tags, Excerpt, Send Trackbacks, Discussion, Comments**, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper
    Page โ€“ Likes and Shares, Page Attributes, Featured Image, Discussion, Comments**, Page Revisions, Slug, Author, Revisions, Writing Helper
    Link โ€“ Categories, Target, Relationship (XFN), Advanced

  5. The above options are not showing in my admin. I just created a brand new blog to alleviate the problem to no avail, links are not available in it either.

  6. theoverrun is me... Links are not available in either blog even though they are on separate accounts.

  7. Says I don't have permission, despite being an administrator.

  8. I've flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please hang in there.

  9. Notice to the staff: josh05280 and theoverrun are both me, the same person. The blog was deleted by me, and I created to try to fix this issue, but neither blog has the links sidebar available in admin.

  10. Please never ever delete blogs because the URLs of deleted blogs are not recycled and cannot be used by anyone ever again, and because deleting blogs never ever resolves any issues you have.
    Deleted blog URLs here are not recycled.

  11. The Links section was removed from the core software, which means that it will probably be removed from soon.

    In preparation for that, new blogs no longer display the Links section.

    Instead of using Links and a Links Widget, I recommend creating a Custom Menu and a Custom Menu Widget.

    See this for more info and a video tutorial:

  12. Will we be able to add a text widget and list links in it if we prefer having some in the sidebar?

  13. Sure, you can list links via HTML in a Text widget, or use a Custom Menu Widget as mentioned above.

  14. How would I put a list of links on the sidebar?

  15. Also, please don't remove the links section from

    We use it...a lot.


  16. @mcnegin I think the easiest way to make a text widget with links would be to create a post with the links, save it as private. Then when you have it looking like you want, go to the text tab and copy the HTML code and paste it into a text widget.

  17. You can use a Text widget to create you own.

  18. @macmanx - And will existing sites continue to display the Links Menu section in the Dashboard and have the correlating links widget in the Widget Dashboard?

  19. @houstonweaver, thanks for the tip. That is an elegant workaround to getting wordpress to write the html code for me.

    What I don't understand is taking away a widget that did that for me, all on the same page, with nice little dialogue boxes and options such as "_blank" to open them on a new page.

    Why not just leave the widget?

  20. Hi everyone,

    The Links menu should now be back for recently created sites. Older sites were never affected.

    While the core WordPress software that we run is moving towards removing the links functionality in favor of other solutions (namely a plugin), we're not quite ready for that change yet so for the time being the links functionality is back. What we're going to do in the future has yet to be decided.

  21. @ncnegin-Because it's the Links/Blogroll Menu in the Dashboard that generates the content for the widget.

    We're not standalone WordPress here. And while I appreciate that most features of standalone WordPress do get incorporated here, it doesn't necessarily follow that if something is taken away from standalone WordPress, it has to disappear here, especially since we don't have the option of using plugins to make up for it. Just my 2ยข.

    Would be happy to hear that something even better is in the works. As ncnegin said above, we use it... a lot.

  22. Thanks Alex. (Should have refreshed first!)

  23. @macmanx the custom menu/custom widget option works real well. Thanks for that solution.

  24. @viper007bond Thank you for that great news!

  25. Where will the existing links go?

  26. Please see above, the Links section is back and we have not decided what we will be doing in the future regarding this.

  27. Yes, it was there when when i posted in this thread. I wanted to know in case you decide to remove the link feature, where the existing links will go? I mean the data, ie. the links we have saved. Although i know wp will take care of the stuffs well, but my point was, if you select to remove the links feature, then please consider some mechanism such that the existing links are backedup and we don't loose them.

  28. We don't know for sure yet, we haven't made any plans. We will most probably consider some way to preserve them if we do remove the feature.


    Sorry. This was prematurely launched on and has since been reverted. Links will eventually be retired for new blogs (blogs created after the switch is eventually flipped). Blogs created before the switch is flipped will retain the Links UI and all data.

    The way forward will be Custom Menus (Appearance > Menus) along with the Custom Menu widget. This allows manual sorting, a better UI, and other improvements. Those who are aware of creating blogrolls in Custom Menus rarely look at the crusty old Link Manager again. Documentation and some improvements to the Custom Menus UI will accompany the eventual switch.

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