My blog hasn't been on the list of fresh published blogs for more than a year

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    Hello. My blog hasn’t been on the list of fresh published blogs for more than a year. At the begining (2008) there wasn’t any problem. Then, there was some modifications at and after that I haven’t seen my blog ‘bezimena ulica’ on the list never more (since october 2011th). I have several blogs and with them I haven’t such a problem. OK, maybe somebody doesn’t like this blog, but I doubt that is a real problem. I think this is something technical, but after all my tryings I still don’t know where the problem is.
    Does somebody knows?

    The blog I need help with is


    Being Freshly Pressed is not a given, it’s not automatic, and it happens to very few people. If you want to stand a chance of it (and it’s a very low chance as millions of bloggers use read this:



    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Well, I made mistake – I write ‘fresh published’ but I have to write ‘top post’. The reason for my question is that my 2 other blogs appear at that wordpress list (hundredth post in a particular day) immediately when I publish posts, but post from ‘bezimena ulica’ don’t. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I was just interested is there something I’m doing wrong.


    Ah, I think you mean the Top Posts of the Blogs of the Day feature, that’s shown here:!/read/following/

    To understand more about why your posts might or might not show up on that list, please read this:!/read/following/



    Oh yes, I have the link:
    And yes – that’s the reason I ask the question.
    Well, at least I became understandable :)
    The content from the ‘’ I have been read several times but I couldn’t believe my blog belong to this class: mature or objectionable content. There are lot of blogs that have stronger reasons for that. But (there is always same ‘but’), I’m not angry for that, just afraid that my ego will grow up because ‘he’ could think that ‘he’ catch ‘the point’. Hard to believe, but… :)))

    Thanks a lot for you help, I really appreciate it

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