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my blog how long has it been for you all to get traffic

  1. i was just wondering how long does it take to get a decent amount of traffic as i am a regular poster and have tried many things.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I doubt Google will take much notice of you because they like original content and you have copy pasted everything from elsewhere on the internet. And one of your posts has about 50 tags, the limit is 15, so with your excessive tags you won't appear in the Reader either. That more or less makes you invisible.

  3. ok what should i do to help this?

  4. reduce your tags and publish good quality original content. Google has changed the way it indexes so do a search on Google about the Panda and Penquin alogorithm

  5. ok did you like my blog? i would just like some feedback

  6. People are not meant to use the forum for blog promoting. This link will help with everything you need to know about blogging

  7. @trumpettune
    And perhaps take some more of this advice which you were recently given:

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