My blog ( has benn archived or suspended

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    Help me:

    When access my blog appears the following message:

    This blog has been archived or suspended. —

    My blog ( has benn archived or suspended!!!!!!!!!!!


    Help me!!!!



    Chances are this is due to either yourself, or somebody using your username/password requesting that your blog be deleted in the options section of your dashboard. This, unfortunately, cannot be undone. You will have to choose another username and create a new account.



    One of the things you have to accept when signing up here is that the admins can delete your account if for any reason they decide it is unsuitable for It’s their server, and you’re not paying, so you can’t really complain.

    And, as godbout says, once an account is deleted there is no way of getting it back. Set up a new one or find another host.

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