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My blog is appearing on someone else's account and they are not a user on mine.

  1. alexisclements

    My blog is appearing on someone else's list of blogs, but they don't have a user account on my site, nor do I want them to. And ironically, my site doesn't appear on my own list of blogs, which makes me even more confused about why it's appearing on his. I host my site independently with Bluehost, not on He hosts his site on and I am a user on his site. But his site does not appear on my list of sites either. It appears to be bringing up JetPack stats for him, but I disabled and then deleted JetPack, and I used it on my personal site, not on his site, so again, this is extremely worrying and confusing.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. alexisclements

    That blog isn't actually the one I need help with, that blog no longer exists.

    I'm just trying to understand if other people have had this experience and why it's happening. It feels like a security breach and it has me concerned.


  3. Without the actual URLs we cannot help you.

  4. alexisclements

    I think I figured it out. I think somehow I ended up with an API key associated with their account.

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