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    Today i was shocked when i found my blog was archived or suspended. Although I’m freshman here, I have more than six years history of using live space. I only record my life and mood on my blog, is it wrong?

    I spent the whole morning to find a solution. Your happiness engineers always give standard answer to users who have the same problem as i do. The question is, I can’t log in with my old account, how can I click the link on my dashboard?

    To post this question, I have to register this new account. Please help me ASAP.



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

    If you forgot to include a link to your blog, you can reply and include it below. It’ll help people to answer your question.

    This is an automated message.



    my blog is



    The suspension notice / Banner has a “click here to contact us” you need to contact the Terms of Service people with that link to ask them – that link should always work.

    You can also contact the staff here: if the above link is not available.

    WordPress.COM policy is not to discuss TOS violations in the Forum and us unpaid volunteer helpers can’t return your site anyway. You might also review the following links for more information on what might have happened. Mistakes are sometimes made but you need to talk with the TOS people.

    You might also review the TOS before you get too far along:



    apreciate your help, yet this website is really not audience
    friendly at least for me.

    when i log in with my old account, the website only told me is
    suspended, and keep user name and password blank. i cant find
    “click here to contact us”. could you please tell me TOS people
    emailbox? is it

    i want to find someone who are incharge of this kind of problems.
    I need an answer.



    Yes, that’s the email, but the link on the dashboard should be visible and should work. You can also try (email redacted)

    Are you the only writer/admin on that blog? I can’t see any flags in the Google cache, but occasionally mistakes are made. They’re never resolved in minutes, so expect to wait overnight or so. If you want to journal, use an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer or blogdesk or something. Then when you’re enabled again you can just upload them.

    I’ve been suspended several times. It happens. It un-happens.



    The email will work as will – put something in the search box and search on it – when the results come back click on the “no I did not find the answer” button and a contact form will open up, fill it out.

    There should have been an ugly red box with a link in it for the suspended blog.



    I’ve also been suspended and later reinstated. It horrified me, I cursed, I cried, I curled up into a ball. Until it was all resolved within 24 hours.

    So please don’t fret too much. I suspect when bloggers have TOS suspensions they know exactly the reason why.

    I would bet my money this will resolve in your favor. Good luck.



    actually, i tried to put something in the searth box but page
    told me there are errors in website. i cant go to the next step
    i’m not sure it’s my computer’s fault or that of internet

    yes i’m the only admin on that blog, and my blog language is
    Chinese. this is the first time for me to know website suspended
    individual blog without official notice to my emailbox

    after live space closed, i transfered my blog to wordpress. Here,
    i cant build up my photoframe, i accepted. but if i would lost my
    works, absolutely, i cant tolerant

    now i dont care about whether i can upload anymore. all i want
    is my works, my words, the record of my life back.

    the biggest mistake i have made is that i never archived them
    offline. now it’s a disaster for me



    Um, That blog is not in Chinese. Are you sure you’re talking about the blog you gave us the link to? It’s in English.



    thank you guys for your support

    i’ve sent email to that support emailbox. since so many users got
    this problem, i think it’s time for wordpress team to reflect
    their TOS jobs.



    my blog name is: le chateau de Amy
    i double checked with the content of a mail that wordpress sent
    to me



    Their Chinese blog from the 3rd Post:



    Got a cached version? I can find amysunshining on by a search, but it’s in English?



    my latest artile was in last feb, and many friends commented on
    that. and then, i was very busy and haven’t upload til today.

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