My blog is blocked

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    Hi ,
    My Blog was blocked , i assume since worpress things i use it for advertizing & affiliaties program .
    Its Is a professional blog that promotes all i know about ecommerce i am not familier with affiliaties program .
    i sent a few mails nothing happands .
    Can someone help me ?

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    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t have ads and programs like that on your blog. They’re allowed only on blogs, not



    (1) Are your referring to a wordpress.COM blog?
    If so how would we know that? You have not provided url for the blog in question and your username is not linked to a blog.

    (2) Is there a warning notice on your blog that contains a link to use to contact wordpress.COM staff?

    (3) Assuming you are actually referring to a wordpress.COM blog, then dcrage has provided you with an important link and here is even more information.

    No advertising is allowed on blogs as they are non-commercial blogs. The only exception is for VIP blogs
    no advertising –

    Types of blogs. Take note of the “Affiliate marketing blogs: section.

    No business transactions can take place on blogs and they cannot be used to drive traffic to third party sites. (TOS section 2 5th bullet)

    I believe you need to contact Staff

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