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My blog is broken

  1. I have had problem after problem these past two weeks with my blog. From my Dashboard for the last 3 days it says support is closed and will re-open shortly, i had to get to this forum from the main WordPress page. I have checked my blog at ismyblogworking and it says this blog, and my second blog, are broken. Is it me or is it Worpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you be more specific?

  3. It says my blog is broken, and it highlights the RSS feed. I had a problem with my Preview button not working last week and contacted support but despite numerous e-mails back and forth, that problem remains, so i wonder if that is connected to whatever is wrong with my blog(s)

  4. Well, if you won't give me the URL for the second blog I won't be able to help you with that. I was asking about what is broken on your blog. You say your blog is broken. looks fine to me, and you've posted in it twice today. Do you mean your BLOG is broken, or your FEED is broken?

    If I go to the ismyblogbroken page and put in your blog, it specifically says that your feed is broken.

    Now: what are your privacy settings? Is the blog set to allow search engines? What are the feed settings you've chosen under Settings?

  5. Sorry i didn't realise you needed the other URL, it's I have not posted anything today!! Posting works fine and i am getting referals from Google etc. so it's not broken in that way. At ismyblogworking it says in red letters at the top "Your blog is broken" and there is a x in a highlighted box that says "Your RSS feed contains no items". My settings are to allow search engines. I'm not sure what you mean by what feed settings i've chosen under settings, but i allow 1 summary, which is what i've always done and my blog has never been broken before.

  6. Well, I'm guessing with this one (because my stupid blog reader isn't working at all) but have you got your settings so that "Wordpress automatically corrects invalidly nested XHTML?"

    Try changing the feed to Full feeds, saving, and then setting it back to summaries and saving. That might shake something loose.

  7. Yes i've only recently changed it so that "wordpress automatically corrects..." is that a problem? I'll just go and try what you say.

  8. It prevents problems from happening when it's activated. Feeds are fiddly things, so if you've got some bad code in one of your posts, that can sometimes prevent them from going out. If it's corrected, then the feed will go out okay.

  9. Tried that. No joy. It's still saying my blog is broken and my RSS contains no items. Is it at all possible that it is an error with the site "ismyblogworking", because yesterday i couldn't access that site at all.

  10. It could be. As soon as Support re-opens, though, ask them to take a look at your feed.

  11. OK. Thanks very much for your help i appreciate it. By the way "ismyblogworking" also says my other blog http://thewelshsketcher is NOT indexed by Google, but it IS!! So maybe it is that site's errors after all. Thanks again.

  12. It could well be; sorry, but without a working RSS reader I can't even tell!

  13. Ismyblogworking isn't working. I just tried it with my blog, which I have verified has a valid RSS feed. It also says my feed has no items.

  14. Thank you undosero for that. I was thinking perhaps it was a fault with the site "ismyblogworking", and as it is saying the same thing for you and you don't have a problem i guess i can be pretty sure it IS them. They also say my other blog is not indexed but it is. I don't think i'll rely on them in future!!

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