My blog is 'editable' by everybody…??

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    Please be patient with me I am a total techno-phobe (thick). I have set up the blog and I’m really pleased with it so far, BUT the only address/link to it I can access is the one I can edit. Obviously I dont want ‘the public’ to access this because they can edit it. So what on earth is the address for this site?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry, I do not understand the question.

    What do you mean the public can edit the site address?


    teamoyeniyi; I dont know what the address of the blog is. The only address is can use to access it is the one where I can edit the page, which obviously I dont want to make public



    Diane, are you logged into WordPress? If so, of course you can edit the page, because it is YOUR blog.

    I suggest you log out of wordpress, then go to your blog and you will see how it looks to other people.

    Others can’t edit it – those “Edit” links are for YOU when you are logged in.

    Hope this helps!


    teamoyeniyi; I’ve logged out of wordpress but then I am not able to access my blog. When I put the address into the search engine it is not recognised – I’m guessing I do not have the correct address (?)

    Via wordpress my address is



    This gets me to your blog, I believe.


    Ah, yes I can get to it from that link too. But why, when I put that address into google will it not find it?

    Sorry for being such hard work!!



    I don’t know where you are putting it in Google – in the search? Google may not have indexed your blog yet for searching, as it is new. If you put the address in the URL field of your browser, it will take you to it.

    There is a difference between searching for a web site (needs to be indexed by the search engines before it can be found) and typing in the address in the place URLs are typed.


    Ah, ok. Like you say, it might be because its new – thanks for your help

    Diane x



    You are welcome!



    Just to reassure you when I go to I don’t get the option to edit it!


    Thank you tandava108, I appreciate you letting me know

    Diane x



    The edit links that appear on the blog are Admin links. They cannot be seen or used by anyone other than you. When you log out and clear your browser they disappear.


    Thanks timethief, this is what I’m starting to realise, it was because I wasnt logging out when I wasnt on the blog, I’m such an amateur! Ha ha

    Ah well, its starting to come together nicely now



    Hi there, uses cookies to identify us and they aren’t cleared until we long out and clear our browser cache and cookies. Have you located this step by step learn tutorial Staff have prepared for newcomers? It’s helpful. Best wishes for happy blogging! :)

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