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My blog is gone!

  1. Every post on my blog is gone. I checked it this morning and the whole thing has disappeared. Can it be recovered? Al the comments are gone, and all the pages are gone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. looks ok from here.
    Are you having trouble seeing the site? If so, what is the error message on the site?

  3. If you're referring to your posts, I see them. If you're referring to static pages, I see them, too, like this one

    I see the comments and pingbacks, too.

  4. It's back! And, I made freshly pressed today :). Maybe that explains the momentary disappearance?

  5. I'll have what you're having.

  6. lost blog

    my name is patricia Tavenner

    my blog is patricia tavenner's
    or patricit
    nature 22

    what do I do?
    my email is [edited]

  7. how can I find it? Thanks. patricia

  8. i have already left a reply. Thanks. Patricit

  9. Don't post your email in a forum, because spammers will get it. is not there because you deleted it. That is permanent; it is gone.

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