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    Hello, I am the owner of a popular weblog, In the past, I was on BOTD and among the top 3 BOTD posts. Now it seems like I am gone from the list, though I am getting much more hits. This is really sad because I got quite a lot of referrers from and now it is gone. can someone please help me?? Thanks!! : )

    The blog I need help with is


    For one thing, you are using too many tags and categories. Due to tag spammers, wordpress.COM instituted a limit on the total number of tags + categories you can have on a post. If you go over that number, then you do not show up in the global tags pages or in the BOTD list.

    You can have a total of 12 maximum (tags + categories). Example: 3 categories + 9 tags = 12, or 5 categories + 7 tags = 12.

    This FAQ actually says 10 total, but in forum posts, staff has said 12 is the limit so there is a little contradiction there:


    Bottom line, you need to review your posts and cut down on the number of tags/categories that you use on any post where there are over 12 total.



    And once you’re a regular on BOTD staff may choose to take you off the list. I gather that they like to keep the list “fresh”. I think that’s more or less what happened to me when I vanished from



    well then why does CNN, FAIL blog and I Can Has Cheezburger? still on there? granted, I love “I Can Has Cheezburger?” but I think they should include smaller blogs I made the list plenty enough times to be satisfied, but putting more smaller blogs on there might stimulate competition for more active blogs.



    Because they are VIP blogs; VIP blogs are never blocked from things like BOTD as far as I can tell.


    VIP’s pay money, we do not. N’est-ce pas?



    oh, I forgot about the VIP thing. Maybe they should have a separate list for lesser known blogs then. Just throwing ideas out there.



    They have “fastest growing” for that I think.



    well, you’re right! I never really paid attention to that list lol, ok, well I’m done then :)


    thx for all the replies!! I dont think it’s due to tags but raincoaster may be right since lots of the Club Penguin blogs have disappeared all of a sudden. [must be they moved to self-hosting] But I missed the moment in which I can see my post on the hawt post for a long while : ( Some blogs that are non-vip are also on the list.. so maybe Club Penguin boycott on wordpress?

    [just random rambling, but I will be really happy to be on the list again. How about a Club Penguin VIP section [lol] Let me know what you think]



    I got 27,000 hits in one day a few months ago and didn’t make it onto the list. Sometimes you just get sandboxed.

    And yes, if you use too many tags, it could well be that. People go through those lists and rat out people using too many tags. How do I know? I do it when I get bored.


    hmm I guess I will just wait till I hit the list again. Thx for the help again!! : )

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