my blog is no longer getting any searches

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    As of a few days ago my blog is no longer getting any google searches and is cannot be found on the topics pages of wordpress. I read the article about having too many tags – maybe I was doing that…. so today I posted a new post with less than 15 tags but it still hasn’t appeared on wordpress topics page etc.

    Any ideas how to get seen again?

    many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    It’s good that you read the reasons for non-appearance of posts on the Topics pages here >
    If you had a post previously with more tags than the limit, it may take a few days for your blog’s new posts to start displaying again.



    Thank you for your reply. Will deleting the excess tags help the posts to start appearing, or are they lost forever?

    Also would it have had an impact on google searches too? They seem to have totally dried up at the same time…. is it related or just a coincidence?

    Thank you!



    should i go back over all my 100+ posts and make sure they all have fewer than 15 tags?

    Is the lack of searches from search engines also connected?


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