My blog is no longer listed in DNS records … can't be found

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    I am trying to access my blog It is a private blog and has worked fine for a long time.

    The blog is still there and I can sort of get to it via the reader page and going to the dashboard link, but as soon as I try the actual url (which I registered through WordPress and have never touched) or I get a server error telling the page can not be found.

    Ironically, I can still post and comment via email and receive the various email niticifcation that are set up. I can go to the reader page and see the posts, but whenever I try to go to an actual post I get an error that the page can not be found?

    My browser is indicating that it is a DNS issue.

    I have tried clearing browser cookies and cache and also tried different browser – Chrome and Firefox. No luck.

    Had logged a private ticket with WordPress but no response yet.

    When I look in to the Store > Domain > Manage Domain Subscriptions settings I get a message saying the “DNS needs to be updated”. When I click this link it takes me to a page about updating name servers with WordPress name servers … but nothing i can seem to edit.

    Not sure what else to try.

    Any help would be greatly appreaciate.

    The blog I need help with is



    Anyone got any ideas?


    Member – In Redemption

    The registration expired Aug 3

    To renew it you will need staff help – I will flag this for the staff to help

    You should have received several email reminders – but the reminders system has been broken for some reminders and the emails were not sent out



    This is why I am confused … because on my Store page is says it has been renewed, I have a PayPal receipt for renewal and the renewal day is now listed as 4-July-14 ..see below.

    Am i missing something here?

    Domain Mapped to
    Learn More | Domain Settings

    Status: Active
    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 9 months on July 4, 2014

    DNS needs to be updated | Update Credit Card | Disable Auto Renew | Cancel | Transfer to another site

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